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This is the free resource page for How to Pronounce Drug Names with an alphabetical pronunciation list for over 800 drug names 

I obtained this book in both format as well. The focus is quiet different. It strive to teach you to pronounce the top 200 drug names. Given the way I pronounce these drug names at work, I really needed this book. This is a great 2nd companion book to Memorizing Pharmacology, A Relaxed Approach. Especially for those students who english is their 2nd language, this is a gem. Sometime I wanted a change of pace, the material in this book only strengthen your ability to learn the material faster. A must have companion in your backpack during your pharmacology studies.

Alex Ung - Amazon Review

This was a must for Pharmacology. This book was really helpful learning how to pronounce drugs. If you're like me you've heard of a lot of these drugs and heard them pronounced many different ways. When you're looking at joining the healthcare profession you don't want to look incompetent because you can't pronounce these names correctly. This pairs really nicely with Guerra's other book, Memorizing Pharmacology.Elizabeth van der Hagen - Amazon Review

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